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I once had a lovely evening looking after a friend's three year old and grooving around to one of your CDs with him!--Sarah Ellich, Publications Manager, Early Childhood Council

We are enjoying the CD's thanks!--Karen Lawrence, Kidzone Supervisor

"The children are really enjoying your CD's and we have seen many enthusiastic dancers and groovers as they have moved to your animal sounds!  Thank you so much!"--Yvette Verhoeven, Wadestown Kindergarten

"We really like your CD’s. Very impressed"--Allison Collinson-Smith, Karori Kids Preschool (Inc.)

Thanks!  This is fantastic.  I will...let the teachers know about these cool resources!--Angelee Deardorff, Year One Teacher, St. Marks Church School

"It's been a hit"--Lisa Bogiwalu, Pipitea Childcare Centre

"The CDs are great"--Pauline Murphy, Pitter Patter Education Centre

"My favourite song is Sheep. I like the very catchy, pop-hook chorus!"--Levity Beet, Children's Songwriter

"I liked a lot of the songs. Especially songs like 'Sheep."--Dr. David Lines, University of Auckland

"Thanks for your excellent CD which we would be delighted to purchase."

Janette Brown, Queenstown Library

"We definitely want (and love) the CD"--Kathy Mehrtens, Windwhistle School

"Combined with the strong percussive element of the songs this makes it a good album for children to move to. "

Swings and Roundabouts Magazine, December 2009 

"I enjoyed the instrumentals you use and thought they were well targeted for children.  I would like to buy the ones you sent for my nieces and nephews."--Sarina Hutton, Children's Librarian, Upper Hutt Library 

"The kids love it"--Amanda, Village Kids Preschool

"When we implemented the Music to be an activity involving movement the boys responded well to acting out the sounds they heard"--Paula Kasper, Hereworth School

"I found it both creative and informative."--Dr. Trevor Thwaites, University of Auckland.  

"I like the CD especially the Shark Fin Soup!!! Love the environmental message."--Carol Larson, National Aquarium of NZ  

"The almost reggae-like tempo...creates a nice consistent atmosphere for activities"--Swings and Roundabouts Magazine, June 2009

"Tunes have very repetitive tones for the children to recognise."--Amy Fleming and Olga Peakman, Little Guppies Preschools

“...I was particularly thrilled to be introduced to a great kids' music CD called 'Soothing Flora and Fauna' by musician/producer Kelvin Roy.”--Kirsten Wharton, Editor, Tots to Teens Magazine

“We used the CD at resting time yesterday - very well received by both

children and teachers!”--Many Thanks, Karen Speirs, Kidzone Supervisor

“I really like the puriri moth song! In fact it's become a favorite song at WCCCA with the children, and for me too!”--Aimee Hammond, Senior Teacher, WCCCA Early Childhood Centre

That new restful CD is really lovely! --Ledevia Gronbeck, Senior Teacher,  PlayHouse, Whare Takaro, Parliamentary Early Childhood Centre

“The children love your CDs.”--Tracy Summerfield, The Cat’s Pyjamas Preschool

Soothing Flora & Fauna CD Album Comments

Endangered Downunder CD Album Comments

Grooving with the Animals CD Album Comments

AquAnimals 2

Mysteries of the Deep CD

Album Comments

AquAnimals CD

Album Comments

Jollytime CD Album Comments

Come right in

This track gives children time to hear and then carry out the actions.  It also uses different body parts.  This track supports concentration,

co-ordination and language acquisition.

Just suppose (Juxtapose)

Opportunities for language extension.  4 year olds would enjoy this.  It is rich with concept repetition..."back to face"



This is one of my new favourite tracks.  Children love playing with numbers and counting backwards.  Put rocket ships in the mix with a catchy beat and it will be a winner every time. 


Do like I do.

This track is rich with social concepts and promotes relationships and supports the acquisition of social skills.  It has a catchy beat and I think it would be well received by children.


The question song

Great original concept.  I have never heard a song about question words.  I love this and would buy the CD just to have this song.  Children are going to love the alliteration and walk around their centres playing with these words.

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5. Soothing Flora & Fauna  6. Endangered Downunder  7. Grooving with the Animals  8. Holidays  9. AquAnimals 2  10. AquAnimals

Is that it?

This will be fun to make our own actions to.  I will use this to promote imagination and support peer leadership and tutoring as children make their own actions and share these with other children.

What games shall we play.

The use of assonance and Rhyming in this track again promotes language development and acquisition among children  I believe rhyming should be used as a teaching tool more often.

All comments above by--

Deb Rewi, Centre Manager,

Rainbow Inglewood

"This interactive CD will be an awesome resource for early childhood settings..."

--the Space magazine, December 2011

“We are enjoying your music! You have a lovely soothing voice...”

--Carla Ornelas, Centre Manager, Lollipops Educare, Takapuna

"Thank you for your lovely music - we liked them very much."

Natalie Johnson, Centre Manager, ABC Kelvin Road, Kidicorp Ltd

"Our staff have been using the CD's which are wonderful."

Donna Wrack, Kiwicare Preschool

"Your music is excellent--the children love it!"

Shellee Hancy, Bright Sparks Childcare Centre

"We play your CDs all the time!"

Sheree Bos, Waihi Road Community Kindy

“If your centre enjoys sing-alongs you will enjoy this new CD from Kelvin Roy”--Swings & Roundabouts, December 2012

Holidays CD Album Comments

“Kelvin Roy has created another fun & educational CD titled Things We Love to Do”

The Space magazine, March 2013

“The music sounds great and I think the teachers and children will also benefit from the different tempos.”

Donna, Centre Manager, Rainbow Mangorei

“Tracks such as Shake A Shake will get children moving to the actions suggested in the lyrics”

“I like the clear melody and repetition for Jump up and Down and You’re the greatest in the world.  I believe these will be easy for the children to pick up and learn well.  Big Tick from me!

Catha Ritchie, Head Teacher, Greytown Kindergarten

The teamwork album contains a varied vocabulary.  It  introduces words such as constellation and detection (in context) presented through rhythm and rhyme. Children enjoy playing with the words and repeating these. This album is a useful tool for supporting vocabulary extension.

Deb Rewi, Centre Manager, Rainbow Inglewood

The tamariki have enjoyed this soundtrack, we have used it during play times and tidy up times with our teaching team singing along and the children singing along to the main lyrics.  Thank you for recommending your music to us, we look forward to growing our collection over time.

From the team at Community Kindy Papakura East

Kyla Hei Hei, Centre Manager

This CD gives Children the opportunity to dance, and move as various animals like giraffes, wetas, to dinosaurs--where children can stomp, jump and roar (which I think will be a favourite).

Swings & Roundabouts Magazine, December 2013